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Chess Game Review

Beating the Scandinavian Defense

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Learn from a Chess Expert on how to counter the Scandinavian Defense! I have been meaning to start making chess videos from a long time and hopefully with this I will get going! This is a very instructive game and you can use it to learn a lot about initiative, development, tempos, pressure, static vs dynamic advantages, and much more!

Rafeh Qazi (1964) vs Bill Turner (2060) – A game played at Chicago Open Chess Tournament May 24th 2015.

Game beings at 3:30.

Back Rank Weakness

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This tactic will help you determine how well you understand the back rank weaknesses. Please, as always, take your time! Do not rush to click the answer button or even the hints! Do not forget to click hints/solution to check your final answer!  Good luck!

Hint 1

Back Rank Weakness
Hint 2

Add more pieces to the attack… Maybe the Bishop can play a role?

1. Bh3! Bxh3
2. Qf7+ Kh8
3. Qf8+ 1-0
1. Bh3! Re8
2. Rf8+!! Rxf8
3. Bxe6+ Qxe6
4. Qxe6

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Rafeh Qazi vs. Dylan [Happy Thanksgiving!]

A miniature tactical espionage. A flashback to my earlier swashbuckling, almost 19th century romantic era type of chess play. A game I believe to fit today’s holiday theme perfectly well. Eat your turkey & check out my game! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving

ChessNetwork Clearance Tactic

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This is not too difficult of a puzzle. It is mostly an entertaining one and to get you to think outside the box. This is from a bullet game played by ChessNetwork (Jerry, who hosts a chess channel on YouTube). Do not forget to click hints/solution to check your final answer!  Good luck!

Hint 1

Pawn Promotion Puzzle
Hint 2

Maybe the queen can help the h pawn move forward?

1. … Qg3+!
2. hxg3 h2+
3. Kf1 h1=R#

Pawn Promotion Puzzle [1400+]

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This puzzle is fairly simple and straight forward. Sorry I have been busy so I did not get a chance to post something sooner! It is not TOO simple though. Think you got what it takes? Try your hand at this Pawn Promotion Puzzle [1400+]. Take your time, there is always a better move :). The title should offer a great amount of help. Make sure you click for solution to check your answer!

Click for Solution

1. Rxe6 fxe6
2. Qxd5 cxd5
3. f7! 1-0

No way to stop white from making a new queen!