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ChessNetwork Clearance Tactic

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This is not too difficult of a puzzle. It is mostly an entertaining one and to get you to think outside the box. This is from a bullet game played by ChessNetwork (Jerry, who hosts a chess channel on YouTube). Do not forget to click hints/solution to check your final answer!  Good luck!

Hint 1

Pawn Promotion Puzzle
Hint 2

Maybe the queen can help the h pawn move forward?

1. … Qg3+!
2. hxg3 h2+
3. Kf1 h1=R#

Pawn Promotion Puzzle [1400+]

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This puzzle is fairly simple and straight forward. Sorry I have been busy so I did not get a chance to post something sooner! It is not TOO simple though. Think you got what it takes? Try your hand at this Pawn Promotion Puzzle [1400+]. Take your time, there is always a better move :). The title should offer a great amount of help. Make sure you click for solution to check your answer!

Click for Solution

1. Rxe6 fxe6
2. Qxd5 cxd5
3. f7! 1-0

No way to stop white from making a new queen!

Nifty Chess Puzzle [1800+]

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This is a very nifty chess puzzle and not easy by any means. So please spend some time before you check the solution. You are most likely wrong if you get the answer too quickly and thought it was easy :).

Click for Solution
1… Kf7
2. Re5! (if f8=Q then Rf5+!) so, f8=R!!
3. Rh5 (to stop Rh1 mate) Kg6!
Threatening the rook and Rf8 mate.


Strategic Chess Play

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Eric Musielski vs. Dylan [Game of The Tournament]

A superb game played by one of the Niles North Students named Eric Musielski! A very nice merge of both positional and strategic chess play leading into an endgame. There were some inaccuracies but mostly the game was backed by solid plans during each phase. Click the “Read More” button to view the thoughts, analysis, and emotions of the Game of The Tournament Player himself! Enjoy…

Eric's Game

Lucena Position [White to Move and Win]

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What Every Chess Player Should Know.
[Endgame Technique]

Nahiyan [Game of The Niles North Tournament]

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