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Niles North Chess Tournament at West Chicago High School

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We are here at West Chicago High School playing an 8-Board Chess tournament. A four round scholastic tournament. Currently the score is 2-1 (2 wins against, Sterling and McHenry, & 1 loss to Hinsdale), so far so good! Let’s see what the future holds! 1 more round left…

[On the right in the blue jacket on board 1, leading the team is Lyle Rubin]

Update: The final result is 2-2. We lost to Naperville Blue (1249 Average Rating) last round.

Lesson of The Day: 

MACHO CHESS. Follow through with your plans and agendas at any cost. Make YOUR idea work, no matter how hard you have to work to make it happen over the board. Come up with a plan and then follow through with it. Many games were lost today that had great ideas, but just not enough will power to execute them! Create a plan, execute it, and work hard to make it work!


Board Order
1. Lyle Rubin
2. Adam Rubinberg
3. Eric Musielski
4. Sohail Amin
5. Nahiyan Chowdhury
6. Bill Kim
7. Brad D’Costa
8. Manduul Tsetsegmaa

Hannah Bader
Craig Rykowski
Eric Helgemo
Naseer Azam