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ChessNetwork Clearance Tactic

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This is not too difficult of a puzzle. It is mostly an entertaining one and to get you to think outside the box. This is from a bullet game played by ChessNetwork (Jerry, who hosts a chess channel on YouTube). Do not forget to click hints/solution to check your final answer!  Good luck!

Hint 1

Pawn Promotion Puzzle
Hint 2

Maybe the queen can help the h pawn move forward?

1. … Qg3+!
2. hxg3 h2+
3. Kf1 h1=R#

Niles North Clinches First Place At A Chess Tournament!

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First Place!

First Place!

I am really proud of my team! They really pushed even through their losses and kept their heads up. Through persistence and extreme awesomeness, Niles North clinches first place at a Chess Tournament! The tournament was held at Bloom High School on October 25th 2014. Shout out to some amazing performances: Hannah Bader for getting not one, but TWO upset awards (she beat someone 600 pts higher). Also, Bill Kim for getting TWO trophies, one for being undefeated and the other from getting first place in his section.